Pocket Letter

First post! First post! I just want to share a few of the most recent pocket letters I’ve made. Don’t know what a pocket letter is? Read below for a quick description and don’t forget to follow the links for more from the original creator Janette Lane.


Pocket letters or pocket mail is a new method I created of sending snail mail all across the globe! In a nutshell, the contents of a typical penpal letter are organized and sent in a trading card protector or a Pocket Letter™ insert. These types of creative letters are exchanged with penpals (or Pocket Letter Pals) any where in the world. You can collect your incoming “letters” in a 3 ring binder for safe-keeping! To find “Pals” to swap with, head to the Pocket Letter Pals™ network and create an account! It’s so easy! For more information and to get the FREE “FIRST CLASS” POCKET LETTERS CHECKLIST






Thanks for stopping by. Hasta Luego!

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